Monday, June 16, 2014

Cabin June 5-11, 2014

We got to go to my grandma's cabin for a week.  It was so nice to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.  I'm so grateful to my grandma and grandpa for building this cabin, and for my uncle and cousins for remodeling and finishing it.  It is such a joy and so peaceful!  We enjoyed watching movies, and the kids played games.  The boys played war, we went to the bridge for stick races, and Joshy skipped his first rock.  We went hiking.  It was a little muddy, but that made it adventurous.  We did a couple crafts, and has a great time!

Gideon, Ammon, and Sam playing war with stick guns.

Josh, Ammon, Gideon, Sam, Bella

The boys had so much fun playing those games

Our sail boat craft

Stick races! 

Josh, Bella, Gideon, Ammon, Sam across from cabin.

Josh, Sam, Gideon, Ammon playing war again.

Al's first attempt at making a swing.

We had fun doing puzzles.  Bella put together this one.

Al chopping wood in one swing.

Ammon chopping wood

Sam chopping wood

Our ice craft

Bella on 2nd attempted swing.  Yeah!  It works!

climbing the rocks not far from our cabin

Joshy trying out the swing.

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